Enhanced Mainstream School

Richmond School is a designated Enhanced Mainstream School for Cognition and Learning.

This forms part of the Cognition and Learning Network coordinated by Access and Inclusion Services within the Local Authority (LA).


The Richmond School EMS Cognition & Learning (SpLD) serves Bedale, Catterick, Swaledale and Wensleydale.

The support base is fully integrated into Richmond School, promoting an inclusive culture and raising awareness of specific learning difficulties, whilst assisting in the removal of barriers to achievement for all children and young people, helping to challenge the preconceptions associated with specific learning difficulties, and providing training and professional development for teaching and support staff.

The EMS provides support and outreach services based around the requirements of students with high needs in terms of specific learning difficulties, who require additional and different support to make progress in a mainstream school environment.

Specific learning difficulties is an over-arching term for a number of associated learning difficulties of varying severity.

Students with specific learning difficulties may experience particular difficulties in processing information, learning to read, write, spell or manipulate numbers. Other difficulties may include organisation and co-ordination.

Specific Learning Difficulties - Information & Training

Provision for children and young people with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) forms part of NYCC Specialist Support which works in partnership with settings in schools to promote the presence, participation and achievement of children and young people, aged between 0-25 with a range of SEN and disabilities and their families.

The North Yorkshire Specific Learning Difficulties Strategy is applicable to children, young people and young adults with dyslexia, dyscalculia and DCD/Dyspraxia. The focus is on improving outcomes to ensure each child's learning progression. Contents of the strategy are published as part of the NYCC local offer.

Contact Details


The Enhanced Mainstream School for Cognition & Learning (SpLD) at Richmond School is staffed by:
Kath Lawson – Teacher in Charge (full time) - MA (SEN) PG Dipl. Dylexia & Literacy, AMBDA


To contact EMS for Cognition & Learning (SpLD) at Richmond School:

Telephone: 01748 850111 ext 8180

Email: klawson@richmondschool.net