Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

At Richmond Sixth Form College, there is an expectation that students dress appropriately for a working College environment.  Please remember that as a Sixth Form student, you are a role model for younger students and should dress and behave appropriately.

The dress code gives details on what is permitted and what is not:
  •  Hats or hoods are not to be worn in College. This applies to both male and female students.
  •  Shoulders and midriffs should be covered (i.e. no strappy tops or vests).
  •  Ripped, torn or patched trousers are unacceptable.
  •  Tracksuits and sports clothes are permitted only for practical lessons such as PE.
  •  Shorts for both genders are permitted as long they are at least knee length and could not be considered beachwear. (Please note that shorts worn over tights are not acceptable.)
  •  Skirts should not be “mini” skirts i.e. they should not be more than 10 cm above the knee.
  •  Leggings should not be worn as trousers, but are acceptable under a longer style top or dress.
  •  Modesty should be considered.
  •  Flip-flops and other open-backed shoes are a health and safety concern and should not be worn in College.
  •  Words and diagrams on clothing should not be offensive or possibly be seen as offensive (eg references to drugs or sex)
In accordance with the whole School policy:
  •  Facial piercings of any kind are not allowed. 
  •  Extremes of hairstyle are not allowed.

The final decision on what is acceptable lies with the Headteacher.