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Isobel runs, swims, rides and shoots to the top in national Tetrathlon Championship

10 November 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Isobel Cook doesn’t just excel at one sport, she is outstanding at no less than four disciplines and has won the Under 12 National Tetrathlon Championship. Eleven-year-old Isobel ran 1,000m, swam 175m in two minutes, shot a turning target from 7m with a 22 air pistol and then rode a highly technical and challenging cross country course on her pony.

Isobel, a member of the Bedale and West of Yore Pony Club, started competing in Tetrathlon as a six-year old, where they throw a bean bag instead of shooting. Tetrathlon is a Pony Club discipline and provides many great opportunities as the children get older, not only offering chances to represent the region in competitions across the UK, but the country abroad as well.

Isobel is in the Minimus under 12s category and she scored the highest points across all disciplines to become the national champion. Representing the Northern England squad, Isobel competed for two days against teams from all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the competition ran over two days. The competition was incredibly close with only 20 points separating the first five individuals, but Isobel went the extra mile and finished on a huge score of 4403 points, 8 points clear of the 2nd-placed girl, who was representing Ireland. The Northern team finished in 3rd place. Isobel’s shooting and riding, in particular, were most impressive, with a score of 940 points, from a highest-possible score for all bulls eyes of 1,000 for her shooting and securing a faultless round of the cross country course to achieve the maximum score of 1,400 points.

Isobel’s favourite disciplines are riding and running and she said: “What I enjoy about doing tetrathlon is the variety and pressure it brings. My ambition is to win each age category and to eventually represent Great Britain.”

Isobel counts herself very lucky to have two lovely ponies, Zappa a 14.1hh New Forest and Prince, a young 15hh Connemara. She also competes in showjumping and eventing and previously represented her primary school at the NSEA championships, as well as riding for her Pony Club. She rides every day, swims five times a week with Richmond Dales and runs four times a week. She is a member of Allerton Junior Athletics Club and competes regularly in the NYSD x country league. In addition, she shoots three times a week.

Mrs Potter, Headteacher added: “This is an tremendous achievement for Isobel, to excel in multiple sports is amazing, I am in awe, not only of her skill and expertise in the four disciplines but also in the incredible commitment she gives to her sport. She is an inspiration to all of us and with such determination I have no doubt that we will be hearing more about Isobel’s continued success in the future.”

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