School Production - Freya

This year's school production is the world premiere of the local musical 'Freya' by Piers Brown. 'Freya' is being performed by our students, and the show will  take place on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th. Rehearsals have started and are progressing well. Please pencil the dates into your diary and look out for more details about performance times.  Tickets will go on sale as from Monday 6th June.

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We are delighted to announce that tickets for our School Production ‘Freya’ are now available. This represents a premiere of the play created by local playwright and artist Piers Brown.  

We are ending the academic year with a jam packed creative week of shows. Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th July are the evening production dates for the premiere of Freya. Thursday 21st July offers a music and dance showcase including a collaboration with Richmond Methodist Primary School. The production will last for approximately one hour, after which we invite you to view more closely the set artwork painted by the playwright, Piers Brown and our GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition. 

Tickets are now available to purchase through . Tickets are £6, with concessions costing £4 (for students and over 65’s). Tickets can also be bought via cash/cheque at school reception.

Tickets for Thursday nights Music and Dance Showcase are free with a donation at the door. Tickets can be ordered and collected at School Reception.

If you need assistance in purchasing tickets please contact the school or email




Renowned Artiste Joins Forces with Richmond School to Produce Possible West End Hit

A renowned artiste, whose peers include Dame Judi Dench and Alan Ayckbourn, is joining forces with budding performers to produce what could become a West End hit.

Casting has begun for Freya, an original musical by Yorkshire Dales poet and artist Piers Browne, who is collaborating with Richmond School and Sixth Form College drama teacher and director Amy Southworth Gedye.
The curtain will rise on July 19th, 20th and 21st on the love story, which has the potential to rival classics, such as Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, on the West End stage.

The Creative Arts department is currently auditioning around 50 students from Years 7 to 13 for parts in the production, an ode to Wensleydale, that was published as a book in 1994.
Piers began writing the music in 1995 but it was a chance meeting with Amy, who was visiting his Wensleydale studio to buy art, that led to the making of what will be a world premiere. Freya charts the ethereal antics of a spirit, a young girl due to be sacrificed by Druids to ensure the growth of spring crops. At the fateful hour, lightning strikes, killing the prophets and transforming their staff into a rowan tree that Freya inhabits.
Fast forward to the 1930s and a farmer’s son called Will sits beneath the tree, falling asleep only to dream of Freya. But he is then sent to war where he is injured, losing his memory until he returns to the tree where he recalls his true love.
The 90-minute performance will feature 15 songs, already scored, with the staging, including projection and physical scenery, showcasing Piers’ popular artwork.
“We have been talking about it for about a year now; it is so exciting and will be the most amazing experience for all the students,” said Amy. “It is Piers’ artistic vision with me contributing from a writing point of view and with the direction.

“Joseph started out as a school production and made it all the way to the West End. I believe Freya has the same potential.”

Piers, who is a former patron of a theatre in York with Alan Ayckbourn and Dame Judi Dench, added: “I am really excited about the prospect of this story finally seeing the light of day. Meeting Amy, who has a passion for trees, was definitely a case of serendipity.”