Please vote for Yes@Richmond School’s national award nomination

  • Posted On: 10 June 2019
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Please vote for Yes@Richmond School’s national award nomination


Yes@Richmond School have been nominated for a national award for our excellent work in developing inclusive assistive technology provision for students within our locality. You can vote to support our nomination at   Select the Secondary School of the Year category, click next and Richmond School will appear in a list of four schools (please ignore/do not check the circle ‘click here, then click ‘next’ – instead click the next box at the bottom of the page). Your vote will be greatly appreciated.


Assistive technology has been at the heart of the inclusive support provided by the specialist team since Richmond School became an Enhanced Mainstream Provision for Cognition and Learning in 2010. The team have championed how effective use of  'technology for all' can improve motivation, encourage independence and result in improved skills and progress. Their collaborative approach means that high-quality training is available for all, good practice is shared, use of a range of technology is modelled, reflected on and good practice is shared. Technology is matched to individual needs and in all contexts used in an inclusive way.


Overall Richmond School use assistive technology as one of the key mechanisms to help students to help themselves to become independent, resilient and successful learners. The school focus on student strengths and have a belief that a learning difference is not necessarily a barrier, rather something that students with the right approach can manage themselves.


Thank you for voting!


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