Starring roles in the Goethe Institut partner school film

  • Posted On: 8 March 2019
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Starring roles in the Goethe Institut partner school film

Film maker, Anna Bianco, recently visited the school and spent the day filming for adocumentary she was making on behalf of the Goethe Institut, about the Pasch Schools in England.  As the newest Partner School, Mrs Potter and Miss Dutton, Assistant Lead Teacher Modern Foreign Langauges, were interviewed about what our hopes in being part of the Pasch network are.


 Four of our GCSE students, Max Collins, Caitlin Braidley, Adam Dixon and Jack Galpin, who all took part in the school visit to see the German rapper Chefket  in Middlesbrough, performed a sketch on the topic of music. This included a rap, created by Jack, which was partly translated into German.  The students really enjoyed working with Anna and she praised them on their creativity and enthusiasm which definitely comes through in the film.   Please do take a look, the Richmond School footage starts around 51 minutes in to the film.

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