Black belt for Bobbi

  • Posted On: 19 December 2018
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Black belt for Bobbi

Congratulations to Bobbi Brown, Year 10, who has been awarded her junior black belt in Xiang Jin Kung Fu at Progressive Martial Arts Black Belt Academy.  Bobbi started training when she was five years old in the ‘Little Dragon Warrior Class’. She graded eight times before joining the junior classes at age eight. Since then she has passed a further eight belt gradings/colours to reach black-belt status.  Now 14, Bobbi has moved up to the adult class.


Comments Steve Smith, Chief Instructor Progressive Martial Arts: “Bobbi is an outstanding student for our Academy. One of the few to progress from the 5-year old class all the way to the dizzy heights of junior black. During the grading, she was pushed to breaking point but managed to hang in to the end. She peformed over 150 press ups, squat thrusts and sit-ups as well as seven rounds of sparring, of which six were against adult blackbelts. I look forward to her achieving her senior black belt in the  not-too-distant future.”


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