Learning about Human Rights and making a difference

  • Posted On: 5 December 2018
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Learning about Human Rights and making a difference

As part of the Year 12 learning- for-life programme, the Sixth Form College was delighted to welcome Dr. Susan Miller, who gave an inspiring presentation to students about the work of Amnesty International, and more broadly about human rights issues.

Dr. Miller explained the significance of the iconic Amnesty International logo, a candle wrapped in barbed wire. The symbol reflects the hope of Peter Benenson, the founder of Amnesty International in 1961, that its work would shine a light in the darkest of places where human rights abuses go unpunished. Dr. Miller went on to explain the role of Amnesty and its focus on publicising and campaigning for justice and educating and informing.  The students engaged in a Q&A to find out more about basic human rights and what they can do as individuals, from supporting a local or international cause to setting up an Amnesty Youth Group.

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