Grace is on air with BBC Radio Tees

  • Posted On: 7 November 2018
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Grace is on air with BBC Radio Tees

Grace Morris, Year 10 student, was delighted to be invited to an interview with BBC Radio Tees to talk about her fascinating history project which revealed a heroic relative who won the Victoria Cross in 1915.  Grace talked about her Great, Great, Great Uncle Edward Dwyer’s act of bravery at the infamous Hill 60 in the battle of Yrpres, where he hurled countless hand grenades to protect his trench.

Grace was joined by Sophia Mawer, Head of History, who explained how events like this keep the world wars relevant to the younger generation, helping students to reflect on what soldiers went through and do so nowadays as well. BBC Tees have been in touch to say they have had a lovely reaction from their listeners.

Please do listen to the thought-provoking eight-minute-long interview from 2:48.32 to 2:56.38 at and find out how Grace will also appear on a landmark documentary ‘Britain’s Poppies:The Great War Remembered’, which will be on ITV at 9:30pm on Remembrance Sunday.

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