A tremendous turn out for the Richmond rugby girls

  • Posted On: 26 November 2019
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
A tremendous turn out for the Richmond rugby girls

First game Richmond v Wensleydale (35-15)

The first game saw Richmond face Wensleydale. Richmond looked very well prepared and organised and got stuck in from the whistle. Connie Lord led the team like a true captain should – demonstrating her ability to defend almost every breakdown and as well as her attacking flare. She scored an outstanding try by chipping the ball over the defence which she chased down and the bounce fell well for her to catch and carry over their try line. Try scorers: Katie x2, Aimee Smith x2, Connie x1, Elsa x2

Full time 35 – 15 (7 – 3)

 Second game Richmond v SFX B Team (30-15)

In the second game the girls had settled into their own and their confidence was high. Three of our girls switched each game to play for the SFX b team therefore having to play against their fellow peers in the second game. This did not phase them at all and they certainly didn’t give each other any empathy. There was an excellent display of offloads in and out of tackles as well as well running into ‘space’.  A special mention to Jasmine Akin who was definitely the ‘power player’ of the tournament – Every ball carry she managed to break the ‘gain line’ and get those extras metres the team required in order to get closer to the oppositions try line. Try scorers: Connie x3 (Hat trick), Shannon x1, Aimee x1, Vasamaca x1

Another win for the girls 30 – 15 (6-3).

 Third game Richmond v SFX A team (25-25)

This was the game the girls weren’t waiting for after their defeat against in the last tournament. SFX had some really strong runners who were difficult to tackle. Richmond demonstrated their strength, determination and resilience – particularly in contact where neither team were willing to let each other rip the ball in the tackle. A very neck and neck game, each team was suitably matched and they both attacked with aggression and found it hard to slow each other down. A special mention to Katie Carruthers who was fearless – she would make an excellent winger from the tackles she made putting the opposition into 'touch' as well as her effective side step back into play to outwit the opponent players. Try scorers: Katie x1, Lara x1, Connie x2, Chloe x1 

Richmond couldn’t get the win, however, they did come out with a draw 25 – 25 (5-5).

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