Max finds out about life as a politician

  • Posted On: 7 November 2019
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Max finds out about life as a politician

Max Hancock, in Year 11, contacted Rishi Sunak MP, to ask if he could pose some questions to him about life as a politician.  Max has a keen interest in politics and was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Mr Sunak face to face.  

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rishi Sunak, our local MP and Chief Secretary of the Treasury. The reason I approached Mr Sunak for an interview is because I have become very interested in politics, so what better person to interview than our local MP? 

I wanted to know what life is like as a politician and how I can get involved from a young age. My interest in politics started about three years ago when I went to Berlin and was fascinated by the events of World War II. Since then, I have read up on many key individuals, such as Winston Churchill. My interview with Rishi Sunak went very well - I was able to ask all my questions and also had my photograph taken with him. At first, I was very nervous but after the first question we were having such a great conversation. 

Mr Sunak is a very interesting individual and has had an eventful life. He co-founded a large investment firm and also worked for large investment firms in New York. He studied at Stanford University where he met his wife Akshata. Since then they have had two daughters.

Max Hancock, Year 11.

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