Leading the way, come rain or shine!

  • Posted On: 4 July 2019
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
Leading the way, come rain or shine!

Our CTEC sport students are valuable to the smooth-running and success of our many primary sporting events.  Here Emily Treweek, Year 12 student and deputy headgirl, tells us how the role of sports leader demands not just good leadership and communication skills but also a good sense of humour to cope with the ever-changing British weather!


As part of our CTEC sport course we have many great opportunities to host and run sports events for multiple primary schools. We have to pull together as a team to do this whatever is thrown at us, including the bonkers British weather! We can have an event one week in the cold and wet, all layered up in our thermals and coats and then by the next week we will all be wearing our shorts and t-shirts, catching a tan! The photos of Andie and I show the cold, rainy year 5 and 6 rounders held just one week before a fun run in the sun!

Regardless of the temperamental weather, these events are a privilege to run and I feel, help both us as the leaders and the children taking part to grow in confidence. The skills learnt through doing these events can be applied to many situations, not just in sport but general life too making the events hugely beneficial. Emily Treweek (pictured on the left)

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