School Transport

 Pupils of compulsory school age are entitled to free school transport if they live beyond the statutory walking distance, which is three miles for students in years 7 to 11.  It is North Yorkshire County Council’s responsibility to make arrangements for all eligible children to travel to school in safety and comfort, but it is the responsibility of the parent or carer to ensure that children attend school.

If children attend a school that is not the nearest or normal school (ie the school the Local Authority has decided will serve your home address), parents are usually responsible for the travel arrangements and costs.  Permits are available to purchase from Passenger Transport Services if there are spare seats on a vehicle hired for children who are entitled to free transport.  The Council advises that decisions about your preferences of school should not be based on current availability of transport, as places are reviewed on an annual basis and may not be available every year.


It should also be noted that arrangements for transporting pupils to denominational schools e.g. St Francis Xavier in Richmond will change in July 2016 for secondary aged pupils, when the network will be reviewed and all funded provision removed.  At that point, paid permits will not be available for purchase on these services and parents will be responsible for all transport arrangements and costs. 


School Transport Provision

The school has already experienced the impact of cuts to school transport provision during the 2014-15 academic year, following the move by some operators to withdraw commercial services.  This has particularly affected those students travelling between Catterick Garrison and Richmond School.

The difficulty that some parents found themselves in was recognised, and the school intervened by subsidising affected services to ensure that they were able to run until 17 July 2015.  Obviously, the school is not in a position to subsidise the costs long term, but following discussions with school transport providers can confirm that the following services will run from September 2015

For information and to apply for a paid travel permit for 2016-17, please click here.


Bedale Bus

The ‘Bedale Bus’ was initially set up to bring students in from the Bedale area to attend our Sixth Form.  However, there is nothing to prevent our younger students using this service, and therefore a new route has been agreed with the bus company to incorporate additional pick up points through Catterick Garrison.  Please consult the timetable below for details of pick up points and the cost of using this service. 

If you would like to sign up for the Bedale Bus service please could you complete and return the application form as soon as possible.  Passes will be allocated on a first come first served basis, with priority given to students due to attend the Sixth Form from September 2016, and those students currently traveling on the service.  Ultimately, the size of the bus that operates will be determined by the number of students that sign up to use the service.  Students will be notified whether they have been allocated a place on the Bedale Bus following GCSE results day on 18 August 2016, and passes will be posted home during the week commencing 29 August 2016.

Wensleydale Bus

The Wensleydale Bus is a new service that will be operated by the school from September 2016 providing transport for students travelling from Middleham and Leyburn, which will also pick up students from Catterick Garrison.Application forms should be returned as soon as possible.  Please note that the method of payment for the use of these services has changed, and full details of this are provided on the application form. Again, students will be notified whether they have been allocated a place on the wensleydale bus following GCSE results day on 18 August 2016, and passes will be posted home during the week commencing 29 August 2016.

Catterick Village and Garrison Bus

The Catterick Village & Garrison Bus is also a new service that will be operated by the school from September 2016, specifically to provide transport for those students travelling from Catterick Village and the Garrison.

Your ongoing commitment to the use of each of these services is essential for them to be able to continue, and if numbers start to reduce then the services may need to be withdrawn.  Efforts are continuing with local operators to try and expand the number of commercial services available to students attending Richmond School.  Unfortunately, it is likely that home to school transport provision will continue to reduce in future years.  Whilst the school will do all that it can to help, it should be remembered that parents of students attending Richmond School from out of catchment are ultimately responsible for all transport arrangements and costs.

For further information please visit North Yorkshire County Council’s website, but if you have any queries regarding the Bedale Bus, Wenskeydale Bus or the Catterick Village and Garrison Bus services please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details provided below.

Emma Jobling, Senior Finance Officer

Tel: 01748 828 109       Email: